Everycare Medway Swale – Care Home Visitor service.

Care Home Visitor service in the Kent and Medway Area serving the towns of Strood, Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham and Rainham.

When your parents or loved ones go into a care home what they will often miss is seeing their friends and family and spending time doing the things they love to do.

This can be unsettling and can lead to the individual feeling isolated and sometimes depressed.

We have a care home visitor service, from home to home, where we can help you all through this transition.

While still in their own home we establish a relationship with the individual, taking them to their clubs, to their friends, to appointments and even helping them entertain at home if that’s a feasible option. Essentially, we provide a carer that enables them to continue doing the things that matter.

When the individual moves into a care home, we are a familiar face that can continue to support them in doing the things they love to do. Our priority is to keep your loved one active and engaged. We will take them out to appointments and to see friends we can also take part in care home activities and, depending on the care home’s visiting policy, arrange for friends and family who may not have access to transport themselves to the care home.

Our amazing care home visiting team can provide the following services:

– Being a friendly face helping your loved one settle into their new home.

– Helping arrange their new room so it feels like ‘home’

– Attending appointments with your loved one to their favourite hairdresser, chiropodist or clubs and classes.

– Doing shopping for presents or that special shampoo they love.

– Arranging social events with friends

If you’d like to know more about our Care Home Visitor service call Richard Tutt on 01634 295630 or e-mail richard@everycaremedway.co.uk