Evercare Medway Swale – Enablement Services

Providing support and care to improve and enhance the lives of our clients.

Everycare Medway Swales enablement servicesOur enablement service is aimed at people who have experienced a ‘set back’ and need help to enable them to continue to live independently.
A ‘set back’ may be:

·         Getting back to leading a ‘normal life’ after an extended stay in hospital.

·         An illness or fall that has resulted in losing physical and emotional strength

·         A stroke

·         The loss of a loved one

·         A move to a new home

·         A Dementia or Alzheimer’s diagnosis

·         A loss of social confidence following an extended period of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our enablement team can: (depending on the client’s abilities)

·         Carry out an initial assessment to understand what help and assistance may be needed.

·         Suggest ways to improve the environment so it is best suited to the individual and their abilities.

·         Retrain individuals to help them do essential tasks such as cooking, self-care and cleaning.

·         Help create a nutritionally balanced meal and hydration plan.

·         Help create a simple exercise routine, this may include short walks, chair-based exercises, dancing, depending on what appeals to the individual.

·         Attend social clubs and engagements with the individual, ensuring that they get to see friends and family and continue to enjoy their hobbies and interests.

·         Attend doctors/hospital/dentist/opticians’ appointments with the client.

We can also help ensure that your loved one gets the support they need from local service providers such as Occupational Therapists and Dementia support.

Our aim is to enable a good quality of life!

Our Enablement Packages

Our packages are always bespoke based on the individual’s needs. We can support a client for a minimum of 4 hours (in one session) per week. If the individuals needs change, either because their condition improves or deteriorates we will work with family and friends to ensure that the package is providing the best possible service, that is of most benefit to the client. We call these flexible packages ‘grow your own’

To speak to Everycare Medway Swale about our Enablement Packages call Area Manager Richard Tutt on 01634 295630 or email richard@everycaremedway.co.uk

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