Acquired Brain Injury

Caring options for individuals with acquired brain injury in the UK

The sudden impact of a family member who acquires a brain injury results in a very stressful time for those loved ones involved. As well as the shock of their loved ones brain injury they are also faced with the worry of ongoing care and support.

Everycare is able to provide full time nursing-led live-in care ensuring that you and your family receive the very best support and care so you can remain in your own home.  Often people with acquired brain injury require 24 hour care and as a result we liaise closely with families, counsellors, healthcare professionals and specialist rehabilitation units to assist in ensuring a structured routine and recovery plan are adopted.

Each individual with acquired brain injury requires a flexible approach to their care and support needs which is often dependent on the severity of their acquired brain injury. Our acquired brain injury care teams are able to provide the following care support:

  • Provision of medical support
  • Assisting with communication – often with acquired brain injury use of speech and language is an initial barrier. We are experienced in finding the most suitable methods to communicate with the person and encouraging family members to adopt key methods.
  • Assisting with mobility issues
  • One to one care support – matching our carer to the individual so that there is an excellent match in interests and personality

If you would like to find out more about our acquired brain injury support teams in your area please contact your local Everycare regional office .