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Tribute to Andy Henson

Andy Henson

“He was a wonderful, wonderful man, and deserves to be remembered”

A care company has shared the tragic story of an Isle of Wight employee who died of Covid-19, falling ill just a week before staff were due to receive their vaccinations.

Andy Henson, from Shanklin, caught Covid-19 in December.

Both his parents and one of his brothers had died before him and his pet cat died just days after his death.

Now, Andy’s former colleagues want everyone to know his story – a life devoted to caring for others.

Isle of Wight-based Everycare says it is arranging and paying for Andy’s funeral, describing him as the sort of person everyone liked to work with.

Andy’s father died of cancer in 1963 and Andy was a carer for his mother, until she died of cancer in 1996.

He moved to the Isle of Wight, around ten years ago and had worked with Everycare for around six and a half years.

He contracted coronavirus at the end of 2020, but the case was not thought to be related to his work.

David Bean, Everycare managing director, said: “As a carer, he did a fantastic job.”

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“EVERYCARE IS MY EVERYTHING” …. a quote from a service user at our East Surrey branch when interviewed by ITV yesterday.

Whilst the quote wasn’t actually broadcast the client confirmed in the report  how much she appreciated the Everycare support stating “Please don’t say they are never going to come”. It is heartening to know in such difficult times we are still here making a difference to the lives of so many.

Covid report ITV news EverycareGill worked really hard with her team and spent over three hours filming yesterday, so it was naturally a little disappointing that they showed so little of the piece. None the less there has already been positive feedback to the Everycare office this morning as people recognized the team.

Gill said she didn’t want to be personally famous but she did want Everycare to be famous. Isn’t that just the unique team spirit of Everycare!

Little by little the service users that decided to cancel care because of the perceived risks of having contact with care staff are returning. The strain and pressure on relatives and friends is starting to show and some just can not cope any longer without help.

Although the risks of contracting Covid 19 in care homes has been much publicised the actual incidence of the illness in users of community care services has been extremely low.

We are very confident that all our service users can rely on our extreme diligence in taking every possible precaution when delivering any form of care and can be confident that our help is only a phone call away if we are needed.


Everycare Isle of Wight celebrates CQC rating success

The Care Quality Commission found ‘Good’ care being provided by Everycare Isle of Wight whilst rating the service to be ‘Outstanding’ for the key area of ‘Caring’

The report praised Everycare Isle of Wight by rating the service as ‘extremely caring’ and ‘All staff cared for people in a way that enriched their lives and promoted their wellbeing’ while also commenting that ‘The service was committed to promoting people’s independence’
Sian Russell, Everycare Isle of Wight Registered Care Manager said ‘We are delighted with this report which is testament to the hard work, professionalism and commitment to caring that every member of the team shows every day’
David Bean, Everycare Isle of Wight Managing Director added ‘This is great news and no less than the enormous efforts of Sian and her team deserve. They all work so hard in ensuring our clients receive the best care and support on the island and shows their dedication in achieving our aim of being the care provider of choice for home care and live in care support on the Isle of Wight’.
Read the full report on the CQC website here:

Allied Healthcare at risk of collapse!

Allied Healthcare at risk of collapse leaving thousands of elderly people on alert.

Allied Healthcare could cease to operate at the end of the month, the Care Quality Commission has said and there is a ‘credible risk’ services could be disrupted.

Thousands of elderly people were put on alert yesterday amid warnings one of the country’s leading care firms is at risk of collapse.

The Care Quality Commission sounded the alarm after saying Allied Healthcare could cease to operate at the end of this month.

It said there was a “credible risk” that services could be “disrupted” if the company collapsed. Allied Heathcare provides home care – help with washing, feeding and dressing – for 9,300 people in 84 councils across England. The company, which has been struggling with debts, employs 8,000 people. Councils have a duty by law to continue to provide care if a private firm goes bust.

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