Everycare Isle of Wight – Palliative / End of Life Care

Palliative (end of life) care services in The Isle of Wight.

When you or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness you need all the support and help available. A life-threatening illness is a stressful time for everyone involved. At Everycare Isle of Wight we provide help and support for you and your loved one so that you can make the most of your time together.

The Everycare Isle of Wight end of life care services provides assistance to individuals and their families to live as comfortably as possible ensuring they face their last days with dignity.

The Everycare Isle of Wight services also includes palliative care for those with an incurable illness ensuring that you are made as comfortable as possible ensuring pain is managed and other distressing stressing symptoms are cared for.

Everycare Isle of Wight provides end of life services allowing you the right to choose if you want to receive care in your own home. Our team provide tailored personal care support for individuals wishing to remain in their home.

Our palliative care team can provide end of life care to patients and their families in their home and this care can commence when you want according to your home care needs.

If you or a loved one would like to find out more about our end of life or palliative care services please contact us today on  01983 611390 for a no obligation care assessment.

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