TEN reasons to purchase an Everycare franchise

Why choose a home care franchise with Everycare

  • everycare logoEverycare is a network that focuses on quality of care delivery which in the end will be what matters for both success and personal respect.
  • Everycare gives maximum support in the start up phase which is when the franchise owner will most need it.
  • Everycare is supported by the best software provider and they are continually developing their product to meet our business needs.
  •  Everycare’s practical support comes from an office with over 25 years hands on experience.
  • Everycare’s website is easy to navigate and has search engine optimised to position us near the top of the listings on a local and regional basis.
  •  Everycare is a flexible organization that allows individual development by franchise owners in line with their local markets and preferred specialism/s.
  • Everycare’s existing Franchise Owners are supportive of new franchise owners and will give advice and support in order to maintain the quality and culture of the organisation.
  • Everycare has over 25 years experience in franchising nursing and health & social care services. Throughout this period Everycare’s franchisors have continually operated the pilot project providing quality services profitably. The founders of the Everycare network do not just sell franchises they provide services to satisfied end users.
  • Everycare’s systems have been established and developed over 20 years. The systems include all the requirements for the achievement of ‘ISO 9008’ and ‘Investors in People’ (IIP).
  •  Everycare’s ten year plan does not include a sell out as the franchisors and their business partners are looking for long term ownership which means that franchise owners will not suddenly find they are part of another larger organisation where their needs are not paramount.

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