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“EVERYCARE IS MY EVERYTHING” …. a quote from a service user at our East Surrey branch when interviewed by ITV yesterday.

Whilst the quote wasn’t actually broadcast the client confirmed in the report  how much she appreciated the Everycare support stating “Please don’t say they are never going to come”. It is heartening to know in such difficult times we are still here making a difference to the lives of so many.

Covid report ITV news EverycareGill worked really hard with her team and spent over three hours filming yesterday, so it was naturally a little disappointing that they showed so little of the piece. None the less there has already been positive feedback to the Everycare office this morning as people recognized the team.

Gill said she didn’t want to be personally famous but she did want Everycare to be famous. Isn’t that just the unique team spirit of Everycare!

Little by little the service users that decided to cancel care because of the perceived risks of having contact with care staff are returning. The strain and pressure on relatives and friends is starting to show and some just can not cope any longer without help.

Although the risks of contracting Covid 19 in care homes has been much publicised the actual incidence of the illness in users of community care services has been extremely low.

We are very confident that all our service users can rely on our extreme diligence in taking every possible precaution when delivering any form of care and can be confident that our help is only a phone call away if we are needed.


Everycare Dorset – Update

Dorset update october 2018Dear all,

Welcome to our first regular update which we are hoping will act as an informative way of sharing with you what’s been happening during the month at Everycare.

Enormous congratulations to all the staff, clients, their families and pets that participated in the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk on Sunday 30th September setting off from Bowleaze Cove and walking to the Pavilion. Elaine Balistrari, Clinical Lead, commented “there was an amazing response from the public as we walked along the Promenade. People sharing their personal stories with us, whilst generously donating. All balloons, cupcakes and bracelets added to the generous donations raised by the local community. Well done!”

Special thanks go to Hayley Grant for organising this event, to the rather lovely black dog, and to Gillie Scott’s husband for the photography.

It was particularly great to see clients and staff spending time together and supporting such a good cause.

We are pleased to welcome 6 new staff who joined in September – a mixture of both HCAs and CCAs.  We know that you will join with us in making them feel part of the Everycare team.

Jane Goodwin from Dorset Police joined the supervisors’ meeting on the 14th September to speak about protecting vulnerable adults in the community.

She advised that the main issue at the moment was telephone scams and shared with us some examples of recent cases where people have been tricked out of handing over money. This prompted discussion within the team on how we could contribute to ensure the safety of our clients.  Jane gave us leaflets to be shared with you. She is very happy to attend a homecare staff meeting in the future and it was agreed that this partnership working would be beneficial.  Please let us know if you would like further information on this subject – Supervisors will have the information with them.

We are pleased to announce that Angie Atkin has joined our team based at head office in Dorchester. Angie will be working closely with Dawn Horton to book nursing shifts and assist with general company administration.

At our Homecare staff meeting on 27th September we had a very informative session with Sue Read, Respiratory Nurse Specialist from DAIRS about oxygen in the home and nebulisers. Sue is very keen to work with us to support those clients who may have these specific needs.

Also at the meeting we shared the analysis of the second quarter of our AIRS (accident/incident reporting system). Prompt action from staff for clients with deteriorating conditions resulted in seven 111 and five 999 calls leading to outcomes that did not escalate to a hospital admission.

It has been a busy month for external training.  We had two first aid/CPR sessions with Robin Hankin imparting this vital training to staff from local businesses via the DBID (Dorchester Business Improvement District).  Phil Gordon from the DBID estimates that there are now approximately 200 members of the public in our local community trained by Everycare who now have the ability to assist in a first aid emergency.

If you would like further information on any of the subjects above then do let us know. Also I would love some feedback on this new way of sharing information with you.  Please contact me on 01305-257777, by post or email


Lorrie Truelove Director

Registered Manager

08th October 2018

Everycare Dorset supports the Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walk

We are delighted to be supporting the Alzheimer’s Society’s Memory Walk which will take place in Weymouth on Sunday 30th September.

Everycare staff member Hayley Grant will be joining the event to raise funds for this great charity.

By 2021, over £1million people will be affected by dementia in the UK and the Alzheimer’s Society is acting to change this by organising events such as the Memory Walk uniting communities against this disease, raising vital funds and bringing us one step closer to a cure.

Good luck to Hayley and everyone else taking part in this great fundraiser.




The NHS should spend cash on care at home rather than on hospital beds

Cutting hospital beds and using the money for care at home could mean better treatment for patients, according to NHS England’s chief nursing officer.

Prof Jane Cummings states that freeing up the money put into “old and expensive buildings” is one way the health service can improve.

Staying in hospital too long can often make patients more ill, she claims.

The Patients’ Association said social care and the NHS needed to integrate.

Prof Cummings said “outdated models of care” needed to change.

Personalised care

The article is in response to a review set up by the NHS which split England into 44 areas, ordering local managers and councils to come up with sustainability and transformation plans to improve efficiency.

Describing an NHS organisation in Devon, Prof Cummings said: “[It] wants to invest in home-based care, but it struggles because resources are currently tied up in hospital beds.” To read more visit the BBC website