A Day in the Life of a Live-In Carer in Bristol, Avon.

Personal home care services - nurse attending client

As anyone who has worked as a live-in carer or been a recipient of live-in care will tell you, no two days are ever exactly the same. Flexibility, patience, and an ability to respond to the unexpected are all integral to the job. Having said that, the carer’s role does involve some key responsibilities throughout the day, ones that every carer and care recipient is likely to recognise!

Rise and Shine!

Typically, the day begins with helping the client to get up and out of bed. Then, if necessary, they can assist them with their hygiene and toiletry needs and assist them with getting dressed before tackling the most important meal of the day – breakfast!

One of the benefits of home care is that the client can maintain a familiar routine, and breakfast time is no exception. The live-in carer will either prepare the client’s breakfast entirely by themselves, or they can simply provide an extra pair of hands wherever and whenever they’re needed.

As well as providing practical assistance, the live-in carer can also be a valued companion, particularly for those clients who live alone, and is someone to talk to over tea and toast!

Through the Day

Many clients have to take various types of medication, and one of the live-in carer’s roles in these instances is to ensure the client takes that medication as and when it’s prescribed, but that makes up just a tiny part of the carer’s role throughout the morning and afternoon.

In addition to helping clients prepare their meals and drinks, the carer can accompany them on trips outside the house, which is often a vital part of helping them to maintain their independence.

Whether it’s visiting family or friends, going to a café or taking a trip to the cinema, live-in carers can help the client to enjoy much of the freedom and routine they had before requiring care.
If the client has limited mobility, the carer can go out to run those errands – posting letters, picking up groceries, walking pets – that the client can no longer do for themselves.

One thing clients often find difficult is keeping on top of basic housework, and a live-in carer can either tackle this alone or share some of that work to help lighten the load, keeping the client’s home comfortable and clean.

In the Evening

Though they provide round-the-clock specialist care, in the evening carers can often enjoy some time to themselves. The client may want to watch television or play a board game, or they may prefer to spend some time alone. After preparing any meals, snacks or drinks for the client, it’s the carer’s role to make sure they’re warm, comfortable and hydrated before bedtime.
Perhaps the most significant benefit of having a live-in carer is having them there with you throughout the night. Illnesses, emergencies or accidents can be dealt with straight away, which is always a comfort not only to the clients themselves but their loved ones.

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