What to expect when you start receiving home care

Getting home care is a big step in anyone’s life, but you’ll soon reap the benefits of the extra care and support you’ll receive.

People seek home care for a number of different reasons, they may be elderly, disabled, have medical needs or have mental health problems.

When you start receiving home care, life will be a little different.

Adjustments to your home

Once you have had your care needs assessment and have decided on your budget, the home care team or agency will discuss with you what times of the day you’d like support and any adjustments to your home that may be needed to enable care workers to help you.

Home adaptations

Your needs assessment may highlight that you would benefit from adaptations to your home that will help you to be safer and have more independence. These adaptations could include handrails, a stairlift, a walk-in shower or even installing a lift.

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