Women will stay home to care for elderly, if care bosses can’t recruit

More women will leave their jobs to care for elderly and sick relatives if social care employers can no longer recruit workers from the EU, the Department of Health has said – prompting Labour MP Jess Phillips to brand the prediction as “sexist” but true.

‘Greater numbers’ of women will take up informal care

If EU migrants are barred from coming to the UK post-Brexit, Ministers have said there will be a shortfall of 28,000 care staff within five years and women will most likely stop work to step in to support loved ones.

The Department of Health has warned: ‘If we fail to meet social care needs adequately we are likely to see a decrease in labour market participation levels, especially among women, as greater numbers undertake informal care.’

It also stated: ‘If social care employers were no longer able to recruit EEA [European Economic Area] direct care staff, after five years there could be some 28,000 fewer workers in the sector.’

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