Widower learns ballet and passes exam

A 75-year-old man who took up ballet classes following the death of his wife has passed his grade one exam.

Bernard Bibby was married to Celia for 55 years after dancing brought them together because he was “the only boy at the youth club who could jive”.

He took the exam in November after starting ballet lessons four years ago.

Mr Bibby, from Sittingbourne in Kent, said: “I got a bronze. I’m still a bit speechless. Three more points and I could have got a silver.”

After losing his wife in January 2015, Mr Bibby said the first thing he did was to sell his television so he would go out.

“I did ballroom and Latin dancing,” he said.

“I tried tap dancing but the teacher said I was a typical Englishman – stiff and starchy and wouldn’t stick my bum out and wiggle it around.”

Mr Bibby said the teacher told him he should “limber up” and suggested ballet.

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