The staff from Everycare in Eastbourne have now returned from their voluntary trip to San Ignacio in Belize where they were providing care to the elderly at the Octavia Waight Centre and the Hazel Hutchinson Day Care Centre throughout February and March.

To see what they got up to you can view details of the trip at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/411058775696328/

Angela Fuller, Everycare Eastbourne’s Director said ‘I read somewhere that the definition of a volunteer was someone who sets out to change other peoples lives but in doing so changes there own and this was certainly true of the trip for most of the staff who went. It was a fantastic experience and we met some lovely people who we won’t forget in a hurry’ She added ‘I hope one day we can repeat the trip with more of our staff to continue what we have started.’

A huge thank you to all those individuals and companies who helped in anyway, large or small, to make the trip possible.