The battle to get care at home

Home care services Everycare UKCouncils tightening their home care criteria means fewer older people receive home care.

A report titled, Behind the Headlines – the battle to get care at home, found that the average spend per adult on social care had fallen by 13 per cent, from £439 to £379 between 2009/10 and 2016/17. During the same time period, the charity state that around 400,000 fewer older people were able to receive care, as councils tightened the eligibility criteria.

More and more people are being diagnosed with dementia which makes it one of the greatest health issues of our time.

How dementia affects relationships

A diagnosis of dementia can change the dynamics of a relationship. The person with dementia may become more dependent on their partner or children for example. This may be particularly challenging due to the way it changes the roles and relationships within the family. The family may also become less open about dementia and the effects it is having not just amongst themselves, but with friends too. These relationships can further become strained as the person with dementia may start to lose memories, have a change in personality or behaviour and ability to communicate. There is however support available to families to help them face the difficulties they may experience due to the effects of dementia.

Ways to improve family connection

Dementia is a progressive condition and the way it presents in people can be complex and unpredictable. Families need to understand that they are never alone in living with dementia and there is always someone they can turn to.

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