Support for new dementia strategy in England

Office for National Statistics logo

During a parliamentary debate on dementia care, Norman Lamb MP, Minister for Care Services, showed support for a new dementia strategy for England.

The National Dementia Strategy, which was published in 2009, expires in April this year, and Alec Shelbrooke used the debate to call for “a new national dementia strategy, with guidance for commissioners of health and social care, GPs, hospital trusts, care homes, and others.”

The debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday was tabled by Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke and highlighted the urgent need to address how the UK will cope with an ageing population and increasing dementia rates.

Shelbrooke stated that the Office for National Statistics had provided the following information about the ageing population

  • By 2030 the number of people entitled to draw a pension will be 15.6 million,
  • Of whom more than 3 million will be over 85
  • Over 1 million people will be living with dementia by 2021, up from 800,000 today.”

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