With the right care support you can achieve anything……..

Mr L is a young man with physical disabilities – cerebral palsy – and is a wheelchair user.

He is an intelligent young man but before receiving support from Everycare didn’t do a great deal with his life.  He mostly stayed at home never having the opportunity to explore activities as other men of a similar age which resulted in him lacking confidence.

After working with Mr L for 6 months he started going to the gym, the pub, and conducting all his daily business such as setting up a bank account, shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.

As he grew in confidence we talked about what he would like to do in the future.  One of the things he wanted to do was go to a football match in Germany – he has always been into Bundersliga football and supports Borussia Dortmund.  As soon as this wish was expressed we set about making a plan with him.  In the next six months we worked with Mr L on money budgeting so he could save some funds (he managed to save £900) and got a passport.  The next step was to get a ticket for a game.  This was hard – tickets for a Borussia home game in the wheelchair section were like gold dust but we encouraged Mr. L not to be put off and try different ways to get one.

He set up an email account and sent emails to various contacts in Germany found on the internet and struck lucky.  A German gentleman from the Borussia disabled fan base contacted him back and managed to get him a ticket for an upcoming game.

We helped him to book a flight and a hotel and Mr L and his support worker were off to Germany.  His team won 5-0 in front of 75,000 fans – and Mr L was one of them.  He loved every moment of the weekend.

One year ago  Mr L was a shadow of the man that he is not and has not only enjoyed his holiday but now knows that if you want something to happen you can make it happen.  Once you have the confidence anything is possible.  If you want to go down to the pub on a Saturday you can find him there watching the football – everyone knows who he is in the pub, they all know him by name and come over and say hello and have a chat about the footy.

This is just one of our many success stories….