Petrol station owner gives priority fuel access to care workers over ‘life or death’ risk

Everycare UK

A petrol station owner is giving priority fuel access to care workers, after the petrol crisis left care staff desperate to fuel their cars to avoid missing home care visits with people who cannot get out of bed, feed themselves or go to the toilet on their own.

While some care workers considered staying overnight with people needing home care as petrol station forecourts ran empty on fuel, the owner of a BP Royal Garage in Huthwaite has agreed to give a priority service to NHS and social care workers after he was approached by home care provider Your Home Care.

Petrol station owner: ‘Home care workers need to get to work’

Sivapalan Krishanand (aka Kris) has agreed to offer exclusive time slots to health and social care workers between 6am-7am and 9.30pm-10.30pm every day until the fuel crisis subsides. Care workers will need to show ID badges before they can buy the fuel.

Krishanand said: “I am pleased to be able to help. Home care workers need to get to work and so this is our small way of helping out.”

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