Nearly 9 million older people feel less confident attending hospital appointments now than before the pandemic

With fifty four per cent of over 60s feeling less confident attending a hospital appointment and almost six million feeling less confident going to a GP surgery than before the pandemic, Age UK worries how many people can “bounce back” from Covid-19.

Age UK says the impact of the pandemic on the health and wellbeing of some older people in early 2021 is so demonstrably severe it has left “deep physical and emotional scars” on the older population. The adverse effect may prove long lasting in many cases, or even irreversible, with big implications for the NHS and social care in the months and years to come.

Age UK who carried out the research during January and February 2021 also found nearly four and a half million people over 60 said they couldn’t walk as far with around four million people reported they were living in more physical pain.

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