More men facing loneliness in old age – “The Emerging Crisis for Older men”

Disabled home care services in BristolThe International Longevity Centre (ILC-UK) and the charity Independent Age reports that more men are facing loneliness and isolation in old age.

Following joint research undertaken by these organisations it has been found that men are often reluctant to join clubs for older people and suggests that the number of older men living alone in England will increase by 65% by 2030.

“When their partner dies, often a man’s social life shrinks,” said Independent Age chief executive Janet Morrison.

The report: The Emerging Crisis for Older Men, says older women will still be more likely to outlive their husbands but, by 2030, growing numbers of men will outlive their wives.

The analysis of recent data from the English Longitudinal Study on Ageing suggests 1.5 million older men will be living alone by 2030 – up from 911,000 today.

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