Mary Cottrell, Managing Director of Everycare to travel to Belize

Mary Cottrell, Everycare UK’s Managing Director, is to travel to Belize to join the team from the company’s Eastbourne office who will be at the Octavia Waight Centre in San Ignacio providing help and support to the elderly in the nursing home and also in the community.

Mary said ‘I am delighted to be able to support the fantastic efforts of the entire Eastbourne team in this fabulous endeavour. I know how much time and effort the team there have put in to fund raising and planning this whole amazing trip and I know that the help and support they deliver will make a real difference to the elderly in the home and to the wider community in San Ignacio’

A team of 13 will be travelling from the Eastbourne office to Belize in Central America for the whole of March to provide support and training to the staff and residents of the Octavia Waight Centre.

To keep up to date on the Everycare Eastbourne trip to Belize which will see 11 staff and 2 Managers travelling to work in a nursing home for two weeks – visit our Facebook page. social facebook link