Great news – England’s unpaid non-live-in carers can get free PPE

PPE for carersThe government has announced that all unpaid carers in England who aren’t living with the people they care for can apply for free PPE. The news follows a successful pilot scheme designed to set up the right distribution systems and logistics. This means successful applicants will be able to keep themselves and the people they care for safe from the virus when they move from their home to the home of the person being cared for.

The free PPE offer lasts until the end of June but might be extended depending on how we fare coming out of lockdown. Almost two thirds of Local Authorities and local resilience forums have already signed up in support, and work is already starting on a workable nationwide PPE distribution system. To find out more about free PPE for unpaid carers in Kent visit And to order free PPE for unpaid carers visit

It’s really good to get this news, since we know how important it is to do everything possible to protect the vulnerable and the people who care for them. Unpaid carers are the bedrock of the UK’s social care system, and they have laid their lives on the line during the pandemic. The scientific advice is to wear PPE while caring, and this scheme finally closes the gap we have all been so concerned about.

PPE for carersThe government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies social care working group recommends unpaid extra-resident carers should use PPE in the same way as their paid counterparts. It’s good to know that there is also financial support for local authorities and resilience forums who will support the rollout of free PPE, and to see so many of them signing up for the scheme so quickly.

As the Minister for Care, Helen Whately, said, “Unpaid carers are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. All too often their kindness and devotion go unseen and unacknowledged by society. I know the enormous strain this pandemic has placed on those caring for family and those they love. I’m determined to do everything possible to support them.”