Get wise to dementia risk factors – Everycare Eastbourne dementia care specialists

Home care services Everycare UKEverycare Eastbourne are specialists in providing care to people with dementia yet a recent study shows many people do not understand the disease or the risk factors associated with it.

Half of UK adults cannot identify any key risk factors for dementia, according to a study by Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The charity surveyed 2,361 people and found that only 1% were able to name the seven known risk or protective factors for dementia.

The six risk factors are heavy drinking, genetics, smoking, high blood pressure, depression and diabetes.

Physical exercise is a protective factor against the disease.

The study, entitled Dementia Attitudes Monitor, found that more than half of UK adults now know someone with dementia.

‘We have been providing care to clients with dementia for over 20 years’ said Tracy Sampson, Everycare’s registered manager ‘and yet so many people have little or no idea how to help reduce the risk of them developing the disease’. If a family member or loved one are struggling with dementia, contact us to see how we can help on 01323 430762.