Everycare UK – Coronavirus update for service users and families

With so much uncertainty and conflicting information regarding COVID-19, we wanted to inform our service users and families what Everycare are currently doing about COVID-19.

We are following and implementing all advice and guidelines provided by the UK Government, Public Health England , Public Health Wales, Public Health Scotland, CQC, UKHCA, National Health Service (NHS) and the Health and Safety Executive. We are monitoring the situation closely and are in constant communication with our team providing updates and advice on policies and procedures as new information becomes available.We are vigilantly monitoring the situation to ensure none of our Carers or Staff have a cough or temperature, or display any other symptoms of the virus.We would be grateful in return that should you display any of the symptoms of the virus that you immediately inform us so that appropriate action can be taken.The Government’s guidance recommends that the best way to reduce any risk of infection is good hygiene and avoiding direct or close contact (within 2 metres) with any potentially infected person. Our care and support staff always maintain high standards of hygiene and follow robust infection control guidelines, but given that we care for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities, during this outbreak we expect them to be extra vigilant about handwashing, coughs and sneezes, and keeping clients’ homes clean. The well-being of our clients and staff is our highest priority.

One point which is frequently raised by both staff and Clients is the use of face masks by our Care staff. In normal day-to-day activities facemasks do not provide protection from respiratory viruses, such as COVID-19. It is recommended that face masks should be worn by infected individuals only when advised by a healthcare worker (to reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to other people) and not routinely by care staff.
If you are currently self isolating due to coronavirus and you need assistance in respect to your personal care needs, including help with shopping, domestic duties or other home care requirements please contact your local Everycare office.

All our care is provided by our highly trained and vetted care workers with experience of working in a wide variety of home care settings.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you all good health during this very difficult time.