Everycare Hillingdon home care team – ready to deliver professional care in the community.

hillingdon home care teamEverycare Hillingdon are very proud to introduce our new team of carers who all deliver professional care you can depend on.

All our new starters attended a week’s training (regardless of previous training) covering all the mandatory training including person centered approaches, manual handling, communication, food hygiene and many more.

At the end of the week everyone brought in some food to have a social get together and to get to know our new colleagues.  We were amazed with the amount of food people brought in with homemade dishes and 2 massive cakes (which didn’t last long)

At the end of the week all the carers presented Helen with a wonderful thank you card, which sits proudly on her desk and we wanted to share some of their comments with you.

What our staff have to say about the Common Induction Standards Training delivered by Everycare Hillingdon.

  • ‘I would like to thank Helen & Anu for their training programme and being efficient in all of their responses’
  • ‘You are a breath of fresh air in the care community’
  • ‘Interesting, very useful information, well organised’
  • ‘Very fun and enjoyable course to attend’
  • ‘I liked the fact everyone is now on the same page with regards to being a carer.  The medication practical was great and useful’
  • ‘Thank you for an amazing week I cannot wait to start work’
  • ‘Thanks for a fantastic week I enjoyed every second of it’