Dementia Connect introduced into two areas in UK

Everycare UK2018 saw Birmingham and Solihull became the second area where Alzheimer’s Society is adopting the new service, Dementia Connect. This cuts through all of the confusion and delay to offer people support that’s tailored to their needs.

It’s been an exciting time as their specialist dementia advisers settle into two roles – one supporting people over the phone, the other able to visit people at home as well.

These two roles allow the service to give people the support they need, when they need it. A home visit can be really helpful, but it isn’t always necessary. Their telephone advisers are very good at giving people the information and advice they need – and identifying when someone could benefit from more. They also make regular ‘keeping in touch’ calls to see how people are doing and deal with any new issues.

To read more about this service visit the Alzheimer’s Society website.