Care Home vs Home Care in Bristol

Personal home care services - nurse attending clientChoosing between home care or a care home in Bristol!

Deciding whether you or a loved one receives home care or moves into a care home environment is one of the toughest choices you can make, and it’s never a decision to be taken lightly. There are undoubtedly pros and cons to each, and the final choice will very much rest on your individual circumstances.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the issues that may influence your decision.


If the person requiring care lives some distance from family or friends, a care home can provide them with nearby company and a social life, along with organised activities to keep them occupied. That said, no-one gets to choose their neighbours, and a structured itinerary isn’t always welcomed by those who prefer a greater sense of freedom and choice.

Home care allows care recipients to remain in familiar surroundings. If you live with a spouse or partner, home care allows the two of you to stay together, but even if you live by yourself receiving care at home keeps you close to family, friends and neighbours, and day centres can still provide organised activities for those who enjoy them.


A loss of freedom and independence is one of the chief complaints voiced by those living in care homes. While care home life has its benefits, it does tend to involve a more rigid schedule which sometimes offers less flexibility. Being able to maintain a routine, going shopping or visiting family and friends independently is a big bonus for many of those receiving home care.


Unless we’re masters of minimalism, most of us end up with a considerable collection of possessions in our homes, especially as we get older, and giving away or finding someone to take care of those items is a concern. Care home accommodation is often considerably smaller than what many of us are used to, and so moving in to a care home can mean either getting rid of prized possessions or cramming them into a limited space. Home care allows you to stay right where you are, without the need to say goodbye to any much-loved mementos.


Looking after animals isn’t always easy for people with care needs, but many of those receiving care do still enjoy having pets. They’re great company for those living alone and provide routine and stability, but not all homes allow their residents to keep pets, especially dogs and cats. Finding a new home for a pet can be a stressful and upsetting experience in itself, but home care allows you to carry on living with your pets while still receiving an excellent quality of day-to-day assistance.


For some, living in a residential care home provides a greater sense of security, with immediate medical assistance on hand and accommodation staffed 24 hours a day. But home care doesn’t have to mean sacrificing any of that security. A live-in carer, for example, can ensure that care and assistance are provided around the clock.