Care changes in Wales from April 2016

care in walesIn Wales, important changes are taking place in social care. From April 2016, everyone will have the right to have their need for help assessed.

Home visits will have to be long enough to meet the specific needs of that person. The government in Wales says the new system will focus on people’s wellbeing and the prevention of problems.

It is up to local authorities to determine whether an individual is eligible for help. Most have set the bar at only providing help to those with substantial or critical needs.

If care at home is needed, the cost is capped at £55 a week. This figure will increase to £60 a week in April 2015. If an individual has savings or assets of more than £24,000, not including their home, they will be expected to pay for home care up to that limit. Those with less may be entitled to help.

In a care home or nursing home people with assets of more than £24,000 – and that may include the value of any property they own – will have to pay for the full cost of their care. Those with less than that may be entitled to some help towards the costs.

To find full details of teh cost of care in Wales visit the BBC Cost of Care project.