Prince William calls for shift in attitudes to care sector after video call with home care worker

The Duke of Cambridge spoke to five keyworkers from the care sector in a video call and thanked them for the “fantastic job” they are doing during the pandemic, saying “it’s hugely appreciated and acknowledged”.

He added: “I hope we see a shift in attitudes towards the care sector and an appreciation for all the wonderful things you all do.”

Prince William wanted to find out from those on the frontline of care what their experience of working during COVID-19 is like, how it has changed the way they delivered care and how the job has affected their wellbeing.

Keyworkers included Suraya Alvi.

The 42-year-old told the Prince William, “the main thing we face is uncertainty from clients. We aim to reassure them that we will still provide the best level of care regardless of the pandemic.

“The main aspect is keeping people safe in their homes at this time and providing that level of care that we did before but just with the added PPE and handwashing.”

She spoke about the mental strain on both the home care workers and the people they care for, revealing “the main thing is keeping well emotionally, and it can be really tough”.


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