The biggest social network for people with learning disabilities

Bubble Club runs inclusive events that combine fun nights out with teaching hands-on skills in the entertainment industry. Many attendees say the Bubble Club offers important opportunities to form friendships.

It is the evening of one of the hottest summer days and at a bar in Bethnal Green, east London, excitement is in the air.

Bi-monthly club night Bubble Club has just opened its doors, and the first partygoers are not waiting for the dancefloor to fill up or drinks to flow before busting moves. It’s infectious. Also dancing is an American drummer in a band performing later in the evening. He says earnestly: “This is the first time I’ve seen people dance like this in 10 years!”

Bubble Club describes itself as a “super fun and inclusive club night that is safe and hosts some of London’s most fantastic performers”. It has been running for 13 years, and provides an opportunity for people with a learning disability to enjoy a night out. The club is also inclusive for people with other disabilities, autism, and people without.

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